Enterprise Development

BusinessFit is a registered Enterprise Development Beneficiary.
We promote the sustainability of entrepreneurs through our unique Business Fit 3D Process.

In line with the updated BBBEE Legislation and Codes of Good Practice, we:

ED Icon BEE Black Economic-Empowerment

Confirm ED beneficiaries meet the definition of “Black Owned” as contained in the BBBEE Act.

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Introduce best practice to help beneficiaries meet trading, governance, and compliance responsibilities.

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Assist them in expanding their businesses by working closely with our industry experts.

Comprehensive business fitness

Business Fit is registered to receive Enterprise Development funds to be used for the specific objective of contributing to the development, sustainability and financial operational independence of South African Black owned business.

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Clear Objectives

Business Fit will agree clear objectives with both the ED Funder and ED Beneficiary. Objectives will cover all facets of business including: Legal, Financial, HR, BEE, Strategy, Marketing, IT

Priority Interventions

The unique Business Fit 3D process, Discover | Develop | Deliver, begins with an audit to identify key priorites for intervention and support.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indications are agreed, and ongoing mentorship and re-evaluation of the growth of the entrepreneurs business systems and compliance ensures that KPIs are truly measurable.

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